Pre-recorded Church for July 25th

Special thanks to Georgie, Mark, Joe, Harvey and Raffi, Barry, Anthony, Indigo and the Catford family.

Church will be on Zoom this Sunday 12th June

Mustard seeds, from little things,
Re wilding our souls, Gospel of Mark,
Life in cracks shining through,
Hope in the humble

Zoom Link (Meeting ID:896 2530 0027)

6th June Recorded Worship

St Andrews recorded worship for 6th June.

Here is our wee little worship for this lockdown Sunday.
A big thank you to Marc, Indigo, Ian, Georgie, Nickie, Poppy and Lucas.

Church will be on Zoom this Sunday

Time to get back in our tents!
Ok people, we know the drill...Church will be on Zoom this Sunday at 10am.
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Anzac day and the shepherd

A Royal Commission has finally been announced into suicide amongst ADF soldiers and veterans. The shepherd god has always been a political metaphor..what is it calling us towards today...?

russhaines, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Launching Coracle

So delighted to be launching this wee boat with co-captains Pearl and Ian.. coracle is a new way for us to show hospitality and outreach to all those working wonder for the world....

Kavish Mazzella - Empty Sky

So awesome to have Kavisha Mazzella and Matthew Arnold with us at Saint Andrew's this morning. A sacred space filled with Angel's singing. Specially impressed with how hypnotised all the kids were...Thanks all for coming xxx

Download the Empty Sky Album via Bandcamp