Pre-recorded Church for Nov 7th

Cop 26, a lost child and the Widows mite... where is Jesus asking to us to PAY ATTENTION

Deep thanks to Mark, Indi, Ant, Em, Georgie, Ginger and Alan


Pre-recorded Church for Oct 24th

Shame, blame, guilt and......grace. God's grace for us all. Today we hear the story of a blind man and an ancient psychological torment and we ask what it means to unfurl in the face of Covid 19 Big Thanks to Mark, Brian, Indigo, Rev Elli, Anthony and the crew from Poetry and Prayer.

Pre-recorded Church for Oct 10th

This Sunday's worship will be uploaded here at 10am
Tick, Tick Tick, Tock...Oh God teach us to count our days..cries the psalmist...
Lets have a little reflect on time and numbers and what it might mean to be the longest lockdown city in the world....

Pre-recorded Church for Sept 26th

Big shout out to the amazing Pearl Taylor as she preaches her first sermon!
About mountains and fairies
and being still.
and being here.
and thanks also to the great and good
Rev John Rickard
for holding this worship space
with prayers and blessings.
And of course Mark, Indigo, Nushy, Daniel and Ant

Pre-recorded Church for Sept 12th

Seasons of Creation Humanity Sunday: time to have a little look at ourselves and see who we are called to be...massive thanks to Mark, Georgie, Kevin, Ant and indi

Pre record worship for 29th August 2021

Today we explore the journey of the soul, the contrast of honouring god with words but not heart, say Goodbye to a friend and hear a beautiful song from a small boy filled with hope.
Welcome to Worship...with thanks to: MARK, JILL, SARAH, GEORGIE, PAUL, ELI, (liitle) TILLY and (big) TILLY and ANT.

Pre-recorded worship for Aug 15th


Hey my loves..Big thanks to Tom (for his hilarious caped bible reading) Indigo for her song and animation, Georgie for her abiding, Pearl for her cutting away, Alex Angus for the wattle ,
Ant for knitting it all and Mark for everything xx

Pre-recorded Church for July 25th

Special thanks to Georgie, Mark, Joe, Harvey and Raffi, Barry, Anthony, Indigo and the Catford family.

Church will be on Zoom this Sunday 12th June

Mustard seeds, from little things,
Re wilding our souls, Gospel of Mark,
Life in cracks shining through,
Hope in the humble

Zoom Link (Meeting ID:896 2530 0027)

6th June Recorded Worship

St Andrews recorded worship for 6th June.

Here is our wee little worship for this lockdown Sunday.
A big thank you to Marc, Indigo, Ian, Georgie, Nickie, Poppy and Lucas.