Faith Exploration


Exploring a progressive theology.

St Andrews journeys theologically from a progressive perspective.

This means that we find grace in the search for understanding rather than in dogmatic certainty – we find more value in questioning than in absolutes and we are  committed to inviting people into self reflection and examination rather than simply passive listening to an external source.

It also means that we draw upon the full weight of contemporary theological, psychological, philosophical and cultural scholarship when examining our faith story. 

Most importantly we invite the spirit to be with us rather than command a particular manifestation to be experienced by all.


Monthly Mantra

Sacred Sunday.

1st Sunday 

Join us as we share in the ancient sacrament of Eucharist. Do you dare to become the mystical body of God.


Soul Sunday.

2nd and 4th Sunday

We all connect into Spirit in different ways. Come and feed your own desire while exposing yourself to the multi-streamed story of God.


Seed Sunday.

3rd Sunday -

Gather and listen as others share the journey. Connect through art and song/taize. (Includes Eucharist)



All gatherings include Sacred Child Sacred Space: spiritual nurture for children and Sunday school programs, including Artist in Residence on the 1st and 3rd Sundays