Ban the bag


Ban the bag

A few weeks ago Church Council received a letter from the lovely Nickie… “As you are no doubt aware, there is a current community push to make Fairfield shopping strip plastic bag free (as I understand it, this relates to single use carry bags, not necessarily bags that may be used to package fruits, vegetables, and meat). A number of members of St Andrew's Uniting have signed a petition in support of this ban.

The grass roots group who is driving the push is now working to spread the message further and to engage more closely with traders in Station Street. Members have met with local shop owners, engaged with local Council, and are planning an action on Station Street in the coming weeks - replete with T-shirts in support of the ban.

In engaging with local traders it is important to provide an alternative bagging option to reduce fears of negative customer response.

Over recent years, St Andrew's Uniting Church has focused heavily on our theological responsibility to our planet and members of our congregation have actively engaged in environmental actions. The proposed plastic bag ban is a very local environmental action which we should support - both for environmental reasons, and to demonstrate relevance within our broader community”.

To this end, St Andrew’s Church Council has dedicated small amount of our missional funds towards purchasing a small run of paper shopping bags to be used for this campaign. For more information see Nicki, Fran or Alex